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appetizers Falafel plate (6pieces+salad+humus+sauce)
appetizers Hummus + bread
appetizers Stuffed 1eggplant+2pebber
appetizers YaprakSarma (stuffed grape leaves) 3pieces
soup Lentil soup (vegan) “Lentils with onion, carrot, tomato, pepper
and spices.”
soup Tomato Soup (vegan)
soup Yayla Soup yogurt soup cooked with a variety of herbs, rice, and chickpeas
salad Turkish salad An authentic dish that consists of traditionally unique spices tossed with cubed tomatoes, cucumber, onion, pepper with dressing, olive oil and lemon.
sandwich Chicken pita sandwich
sandwich Chicken Shawarma Wrap
sandwich Doner pita sandwich
sandwich Doner Wrap
sandwich Falafel pita sand Hummus + tzatziki inside
sandwich Falafel wrap Hummus + tzatziki inside
sandwich Gyro Pita sandwich Regular gyro with salad + sauce
sandwich Gyro Wrap Regular gyro with salad + sauce
sandwich Kofta Pita
sandwich Kofta Wrap
veggies Artichoke with olive oil
veggies Beans Stew with olive oil Beans, beef, onion, tomato, spices.
veggies Brussels Sprouts with Olive Oil Brussels, onion, tomato, spices.
veggies Celery with Olive Oil
veggies Fried veggies tomato sauces Fried Pepper, eggplant, tomato, potato and tomato sauces
veggies Green Bean Stew Green bean, onion, tomato.
veggies Okra Stew Okra, onion, tomato, spices
veggies Pea with Olive Oil Pea, onion, tomato, spices.
entrée Chicken 3^wing+1^thigh plate meat + rice + salad
entrée Chicken grill plates Meat+rice+salad
entrée Chicken Shawarma Plate meat + rice + salad
entrée Doner Plate Doner + rice + salad
entrée Gyro Plate Regular Gyro + rice + salad
entrée Kofta Plate meat + rice + salad
entrée Lamb kabab plate 10 piece of meat cubes + rice + salad
entrée Lamb Stew meat + rice + salad
entrée Tray Kabab meat mixture + rice + salad
Meat Meals Beans Stew with meat Beans, onion, tomato, spices.
pide&lahmacun Cheese pita “Flat-bread with mozzarella,
feta cheese, eggs, parsley, spices”
pide&lahmacun Cheese pita with mushroom and veggies
pide&lahmacun Cheese with Soudjouks Soudjouks are Turkish style halal pepperoni
pide&lahmacun G.beef with cheese
pide&lahmacun Ground Beef Pita Flat-bread with ground beef, onion, tomato, green onion, pepper and parsley.
pide&lahmacun Kavurma with cheese Kavurma is slow cooked beef cubes
pide&lahmacun Lahmacun “Turkish flat-bread topped
with minced meat and vegetables.”
pide&lahmacun Veggie Pita “Covered bread with spinach,
onion, cheese.”
Borek&Bakeries Gozleme Options: Cheese, spinach, ground beef, chicken, potato
Borek&Bakeries Stick Borek (2 stick per person) Cheese, potato
Borek&Bakeries Tray Borek Cheese, spinach, ground beef, potato
drink fruit juice Mango, orange, mix, cranberry or apple
drink Mineral Water 500ml
drink Sanpelligrino can juice Pomegranate or blood
drink soda can Coke, diet, sprite, Fanta or lemonade
drink Water
drink Wimto
drink Yogurt drink Mint or plain
extra extra tzatziki sauce 2 oz*10
extra garlic white sauce 2 oz*10
extra lavash bread
extra pita bread
extra ranch sauce 2 oz*10
extra Yogurt 3oz*10
big order Chicken thighs meat+rice+salad+lentil soup
big order Kofta 5 piece per each+rice+salad+soup